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Welcome! Without some well managed conflict in a team, innovation and other critical areas are diminshed. This starter tool estimates the associated dollar costs by matching your team dynamics information with a base-line innovation value.
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Yearly Cost Associated with Untapped Conflict $0.00

Yearly cost above is made up of the following soft costs:

  • Lack of New Ideas and Innovation
  • Reduced Creativity
  • Diminished Problem Solving Capacity
  • Lost Opportunities (short & long-term)
  • Degraded Decision Quality
  • Change Resistant Team. Difficulty in Pivots
  • Market Entry Delays
  • Focus on Productivity is Diminished
  • Lack of sense of Urgency
  • Quality of Product or Service Diminished
  • Reputation; re: Employees & Prospective Employees
  • Incompetence Tolerated / Team Complacency
  • Lowered Job Motivation and Productivity
  • Demotivated Staff Due to Lack of Progress
  • Loss of Core Skilled Employees
  • Reduced Innovation Premium on Company Value
  • Erosion of Shareholder Value

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